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BOWIE HOLDINGS PTY LTD is the holding company of subsidiaries Bowie Lifts, Elevators & Escalators, United Technical Solutions, LIFTSA , BOWPROP, VTS to mention a few.

Bowie Holdings - Our Subsidiaries

BOWIE HOLDINGS is a privately owned company, with family-like values at its core. The teams are technical thinkers, problem solvers and a passion for their industry.

Bowie Lifts

BOWIE LIFTS, ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS provide unique services and products in a continually changing and demanding environment. Our solutions are tailor-made to our client’s needs regarding operational efficiency and system requirements.

United Technical Solutions

UNITED TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS is a full-service company focusing on and operating in alternative energy, Sanitation solutions, Water demand metering, HVAC, EV & charging stations, and Vertical transportation OME spares arena.


We are a modern manufacturer of lift components, well equipped with advanced machinery capable of producing high-quality products including Guide Rails, Cabin, Counterweight, Door Parts, Push buttons, Integrative controllers, etc.


This lift Trade union is an association of employees struggling collectively for enhanced operational circumstances for their members.
Our most important aim is to fortify and improve the welfare of its members in the workplace.

Bowie Property

Property management for Bowie Family Trust assets. Managing townhouses, apartment complexes, commercial properties, and relevant financial records.

We believe that honesty, integrity, and top-notch service are the cornerstones of successful property management. We can give you all that – as well as innovation and convenience, courtesy of the latest technology and software.

Shared Services

Shared Services provides a range of services cantered around Financial Management and Financial Governance and Compliance. Our portfolio includes Business Process Outsourcing of the financial function, with transactional processing.

We ensure cost-saving synergy for our group.